“More than 25 million people in seven states - Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming (as well as northern Mexico) - rely on the Colorado River for water and power.  The combination of limited water supplies, increasing populations, warmer temperatures, and the specter of recurrent drought point to a future in which the potential for conflict among existing and prospective new water users will prove endemic, and the basin will face increasingly costly, controversial and unavoidable trade-off choices.”  --The National Research Council, 2007

It’s 2025 and these “trade-off choices” are now in full swing. Water is running out in the American West and entire towns, not deemed water sustainable, are being relocated to newly created “Conservation Clusters”.  Leland, a water manager for a town on the brink of relocation, is desperate to find a new source of water in a region where every last drop is spoken for. So he goes to the only person that might be able to help -  the enigmatic Winona, the lawyer who represents the nearby reservation and their water rights.  Leland, together with his hapless assistant, his nephew Zach, enter into a dangerous negotiation with Winona in which they realize that in any negotiation, in order to gain something, something else must be sacrificed.

Cast: 2M, 1W 

Development:  Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference, Lark Play Development Center.