"Without the inspired act, no generation resumes the search for love."  -Norman Morrison

Rodeo Mo

In 1965 Norman Morrison, a Quaker from Baltimore, drove to the Pentagon and, in protest over the U.S. policy in Vietnam, doused himself in kerosene and lit himself on fire.  Looking on as he did this, was his one-year-old daughter. Fire in the Garden is a monologue play, told by a new father who, as he struggles mightily (and comically) with the challenges of modern fatherhood, finds himself haunted, unsettled, and obsessed with Morrison’s act.

Cast: 1M

Production:  Indiana Repertory Theatre, Director Larissa Kokernot
Award: Co-winner of the Mario Fratti/Fred Newman Political Playwriting Contest. 
Development:  Castillo Theatre, Geva Theatre, Atlantic Theatre Company, the Alliance Theatre, P73